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Build Your Dream Home Curtain By OHANA

Transform home with stunningly made-to-measure curtain from our collections. From our selection of design ideas, lefts us help you find the perfect styles for you home.


We provide fully customized curtain consultation services that are highly detailed to meet every individual’s needs, turning your house into a truly cozy and warm sanctuary.

Curtain ➞

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Good wallpaper can complement your furniture and adda touch of character to your room. Find a style that suits you the most with our home-decor experts.

Bringing Luxury & Comfort To Every Home

We pride ourselves in providing premium products and top-notch services, all centred around our ideals that every space deserves a level of comfort and sophistication.

Customize Blinds & Curtain

A one-stop curtain provides strives to deliver affordable and quality curtain design that fulfills a household need on a door-to-door basis.

Free On-site Measurement

Our company offers free on-site measurement to bring more convenient for you.

Affordable Price

Reasonable prices enable everyone to have high-quality curtains and services. Hence, the price will be cheaper than our peers.

Professional Tailoring

Our tailor-made product with exquisite craftsmanship is attributed to experienced tailors of the company.

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Take a look at how our top quality curtains, blinds, and professional services transformed the rooms of our client’s homes, offices, and businesses