Precaution For Curtain Cleaning 窗帘清洗注意事项

How often do I wash the curtains? 窗帘多久洗一次好?

It is recommended to wash the curtains at home once every six months, but every 2 to 3 months is ideal.



Curtain maintenance method 窗帘保养方法

1. The curtains should be cleaned once a week, especially to remove the dust between the fabric structure.



2. If the thread ends are loose, do not pull it off by hand. Use scissors to cut it neatly.



3. If you get stains, you can wipe it with a clean and weird cloth.



Curtain cleaning steps 窗帘清洗步骤

Disassemble the curtain: Please disassemble carefully, remember to install the disassembled parts in a container, otherwise it is easy to lose.


Soak the curtains: prepare a bucket of water and soak the curtain cloth with warm water. Do not use acid or alkali to easily damage the curtains. Soak the curtains for 15-60 minutes depending on the material.


Curtain washing: Choose the way of washing according to different fabrics. If it is flannel, silk and other high-end fiber fabrics, it is not suitable for washing machines.


Dry the curtains: Do not expose to the sun for a long time, as the curtains will easily decolorize.


From OHANA Team.