Roller Blinds in today’s modern architecture design, glass facades and large windows are very popular. The natural light of the sun is being played around for optimum environment in our working and residential areas. Therefore, OHANA introduced Roller Sunscreen concept to make the most out of the sunlight for every situation. When the sun’s heat become too intense, we can lower a roller blind which can be moved away again when the sun disperses. At the same time, the view toward the outside remains intact and daylight continues to enter the room virtually unobstructed. varieties that they come in.

Zebra Blinds are a twist on classic sheer shades because of their patterning. Stripes can be played up as a fun style for your home, or as a sophisticated innovative window treatment. Bands of semi-opaque and sheer woven fabric are incorporated into the shade. When you want your shades closed, the sheer shades disappear as semi-opaque bands are lined up together.

While a soft light will still get into the home, it will still keep your home area private. When shades are in the open position, the semi-opaque bands are not aligned, and thus the sheer stripes will allow light into your home.